Why the Web3 Certification Board?

Organizing a single reputable source for Web3 and blockchain certification is our entire goal.  Seeking to establish an enterprise-grade benchmark for certifications, and to create a single source for validation of those certifications.

Talent Level

Insuring that individuals have the capability and understanding of how the technology can be deployed and used in a multitude of enterprise implementations.

At Teams Level

Knowing that everyone within a production and development team are fully versed in the technology and are capable of cooperative development within an agile or scrum development system. Teams can self-coordinate, accept diversity and enrich each other complementarity.

Organizational Level

Organizations are challenged by the demands of web3 and blockchain technology. Human capital considerations will determine the success of any effort as well as the financial and competitive success of an organization. Boosting distributed leadership through decentralization and mutual respect.


Complying with ANSI standards for Web3 certifications ensures adherence to rigorous industry requirements, promoting interoperability, security, and trust in a dynamic and decentralized web ecosystem.


The W3CB works hard to ensure that the certifications offered adhere to the ISO 17024 Standard.  This is the validation of the quality of our certifications and that both enterprises and governments can trust individuals with these certifications.

AI Procotoring

Utilizing AI proctoring for Web3 certifications enhances exam integrity, providing real-time monitoring, facial recognition, and behavior analysis, ensuring fair assessment and preventing cheating in the virtual testing environment.


Are you a Technology Company Looking to create Certifications?

Certifications define your innovative spirit and forward-thinking ethos. Your unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and leaping into new realms has always been your strength,  let W3CB help you stand out in a hyper-dynamic technological landscape.

Set your technology apart from your competition.  Certifications that adhere to your technology support both your product and your community.

Join us in shaping the future of Web3!