What goes into Creating a W3CB Certificaiton

Web3 Certifications are developed by a dedicated team of subject matter experts at the Web3 Certification Board. The Board’s psychometrician ensures the processes used to evaluate candidates are measuring the right skills and abilities. The psychometrician partners with the product manager to optimize and enhance the certification program, analyzing pain points and competitive offerings to improve the exam experience.

The Board creates exams starting with a job task analysis where experts identify the most critical skills for a blockchain role. These skills are then rated by a larger group of experts on importance and frequency. The top 20-30 skills become the exam blueprint the psychometrician uses to determine the number of questions per skill. Subject matter experts reference their experiences and common mistakes when writing relevant questions with plausible distractors.

Given the speed of change in blockchain technology, the Board’s exam creation process from job analysis to beta exam release takes about 15 weeks. This allows the Board to stay current and test the skills needed right now. Exams are updated every two months, with changes provided on the exam page 30 days in advance.

When taking an exam, the Board recommends reading the introduction explaining the format and instructions for each section carefully. Providing feedback on questions by marking for comment is encouraged, especially regarding technical accuracy rather than just typos.

With businesses digitizing operations, blockchain professionals play a key role in leveraging optimal technical solutions. The Web3 Certification Board’s credentials demonstrate an up-to-date understanding of features and skill-applying concepts. For those looking to begin a blockchain career, the Board recommends aligning training and certifications to in-demand jobs to stand out. Starting with fundamentals builds core knowledge before pursuing role-based certifications. The Board’s self-paced online learning through Web3 Learn provides free resources to develop skills at your own pace.

The Web3 Certification Board aims to make certifications valuable for blockchain career goals. The team is here to help individuals and businesses prepare for success in this emerging field.