5 ROI’s on a Web3 Certification Standard for Individuals

The establishment of a blockchain certification standard can yield significant returns on investment for various stakeholders. Here are five potential ROI’s in different areas:

  1. Individual Advancement: For individuals, obtaining a standardized blockchain certification can lead to greater career opportunities, higher earning potential, and job security. This is because such certification verifies their expertise and skills, making them more attractive to employers in the industry.
  2. Employment Opportunities: Companies can benefit from a standardized certification by having a clear criterion for hiring. It ensures that potential employees have a certain level of competency, reducing the risk of hiring unqualified personnel. This can lead to improved productivity and innovation, lower training costs, and reduced turnover, all of which can result in significant savings and growth for companies.
  3. Workforce Adoption: With a standardized blockchain certification, the adoption of blockchain technology across different industries can be facilitated. Employees with this certification can help their organizations implement and manage blockchain technology effectively. This can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved business processes, all of which are significant returns on investment.
  4. Government Contracts: Government agencies often require contractors to hold certain certifications. Having a standardized blockchain certification can open up opportunities for contracts with government agencies. This could result in significant revenue generation for certified professionals and their employers.
  5. Global Recognition: An international standard like ISO-17024 ensures that the certification is recognized globally. This can open up opportunities for international employment, collaborations, and business expansion. The potential increase in income and business revenue from these global opportunities is another significant return on investment.