W3CB Trademark Policy: Upholding Distinction in Blockchain and Web3 Education

Preamble At the Web3 Certification Board (W3CB), our commitment extends beyond delivering unparalleled education in blockchain, web3, and emerging technologies. The essence and integrity of our brand are embodied in our trademarks, symbols of excellence and innovation. These trademarks include, but are not limited to,

  • Blockchain+
  • Web3+
  • FinTech+
  • GameFi+
  • DAO+
  • Cyber+
  • W3CB

They are not merely names but beacons of quality assurance and educational leadership in the digital age.

Trademark Protection Commitment

We recognize the substantial investments in time, effort, and resources that have contributed to the distinctiveness of our brand and the value it offers. As such, W3CB is dedicated to the rigorous protection of our trademarks to prevent unauthorized use, misrepresentation, or any action that could dilute their significance.

Our trademarks serve as guardians of our reputation and the promises we make to our students. They distinguish our certification programs from others, ensuring that our certified professionals stand out in the global job market.

Guidelines for Partner Usage

W3CB values collaboration and partnership but maintains strict guidelines to preserve the integrity of our trademarks. Partners are required to adhere to the following:

  1. Authorization: Use of W3CB trademarks must be authorized by W3CB in writing. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.
  2. Quality Control: Partners must ensure that the programs associated with W3CB trademarks meet our high standards of quality and consistency.
  3. Visual and Verbal Integrity: Trademarks should be used in their exact form, respecting the design, colors, and font as provided by W3CB. Any deviation must be approved in advance.
  4. Prohibition of Misrepresentation: Partners may not use W3CB trademarks in a way that suggests co-branding, endorsement, or ownership without explicit written consent from W3CB.

Reporting and Enforcement

W3CB will actively monitor and enforce trademark usage to protect our brand identity and the value it represents to our stakeholders. We encourage our community and partners to report any unauthorized or misleading use of W3CB trademarks to trademarks@w3cb.org. Proactive engagement from our community is invaluable in maintaining the standards of excellence our certifications represent.

Support and Collaboration

We appreciate the support from all our partners and community members in upholding the quality and integrity of our educational offerings. Together, we can ensure that the W3CB trademarks continue to stand for excellence and innovation in blockchain and web3 education.

Our trademarks are more than symbols; they are commitments to excellence, innovation, and integrity in education. By adhering to these guidelines, we collectively uphold the value and prestige of W3CB certifications, empowering learners and professionals to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the web3 and blockchain landscapes.

Updated February 27 2024