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The Blockchain Academy LLC.

The Blockchain Academy is an online education company that provides training courses and certifications related to blockchain technology and its applications. Founded in 2018, the academy offers self-paced online courses for individuals looking to gain skills in areas like cryptocurrency, Ethereum development, Hyperledger development, supply chain management with blockchain, and more.

The Blockchain Academy’s instructors include blockchain developers, engineers, and other professionals with hands-on industry experience. Their courses aim to provide a practical education that equips students with skills they can apply in real-world blockchain projects and careers. Programs culminate in certification exams that verify competency.

Along with its online courses, The Blockchain Academy also offers enterprise training solutions, helping companies implement blockchain into their businesses. Their corporate training services are customized based on each client’s specific goals and use cases.

Overall, The Blockchain Academy focuses on empowering professionals with the knowledge and credentials needed to advance their careers and drive innovation using blockchain technology. Their curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the latest developments in the blockchain space.